Gameplay :


Team Formation: At least 5 Players, 1 Substitute.

  1. Tournament Mode: Double elimination
  2. Game Mode: Captains Mode (CM)
  3. Spectators: OFF
  4. Lobby Setting: Singapore
  5. Toss: Team Winning the coin toss will either select side or drafting order. The other team will decide the later.
  6. In-case a player disconnects from the game intentionally/un-intentionally, him/her team can pause.
  7. You cannot use any bug/glitches, if any team is found guilty they’ll be penalized.
  8. Maximum 15 minutes will be given for gears setup.

    ** 5 minutes late – Level 1 Penalty

    ** 10 minutes late – Level 2 Penalty

    ** 15 minutes late – Level 3 Penalty

  9. 30 minutes late Direct Walkover
  10. Teams will have to arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled time. Failing to do so may result in walkover.
  11. Player can bring the following gears with them: Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse pad, Headphones and Mouse Bungee.

N.B:- AIUB Computer Club (ACC) can change any of the rules if they want.